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At Hot Yoga Sheffield, we have some of the best therapists!

Whether you're looking for some deep tissue massage, Shiatsu, or a relaxing facial -  the therapists here at HYS Edgedale have got you covered.  

Please feel free to contact them individually to talk more about how they can help you feel your best, or fill the in form below to receive more information on how to book.

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Therapy Inquiries

Please provide the name of the Therapist you are looking to see, and/or the type of treatment you are looking to receive, and we can help direct you to the best option for your needs.

Alena Prentice of Hands and Heart Therapy offers a wide range of healing therapies.  From stretching Shiatsu and Thai Massage (coming soon) on a floor based futon mat, Cupping, Reiki and soothing massage with essential oils, she has what you need to bring your head and heart back to centre.


Contact: 07505 012465 to book with Alena

Available on Thursdays

Kate Irving offers Ayurvedic massage called Sukshma Marma (or 'Marma') Therapy to pinpoint where blockages and tensions gather in the body and bring release and relief from chronic discomfort or pain.  She also offers Weleda bio-dynamic skincare consultations, mini-facials and is our in-house representative for Weleda orders.  Kate can show you how to design a course of treatment to bring lasting impact on your wellbeing and vitality through massage, and skincare treatments.


Contact: 07816 791239 to book with Kate

Available on Tuesdays

Gosia Shah offers a variety of spa quality treatments.  Whether you're looking for a Deep Tissue, Full Body, Indian Head and face massage, or treatment to focus on a specific area, she will surely bring about a soothing release of the muscles and mind through massage and other rejuvenation techniques.


Contact:07850 031999 to book with Gosia

Available on Saturday and Sundays

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