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Free Yoga MP3s

Maybe you are travelling. Maybe you are skint. Maybe you just don't want to get out of your pjs. Whatever your reason for not making it to class, you now have one less excuse for not practising yoga.

So when you still want to practice but can't make it to class, then we've got you covered with three free yoga MP3s for you to download to your computer, your phone, your tablet to have with you at home or take with you on holiday.

Whereever you are, Koreen will lead you through a hot flow, a hot yoga and a hot yin class. The recordings are taken from actual classes so if you close your eyes, then it'll be as if you are in the studio.

Hot Flow - 60 minutes


This class starts with a warm up of half and full sun salulations followed by a bootcamp style flow focusing on building up your glute, core and arm strength. Click here to download the Hot Flow class.

Hot Yoga - 90 minutes


Although this class is the traditional 26 poses + 2 breathing exercises sequence of Bikram yoga, it is anything but the drill sergeant script you might expect. This class is not about pushing your limits, instead you are asked to deepen your awareness of what is already present in your body. Click here to download the Hot Yoga class.

Hot Yin - 60 minutes

This class is entirely on the floor and you'll stay in each pose for two-three minutes. This sequence targets the legs, hips and spine gradually opening up the body whilst allowing the mind slow down. Click here to download the Hot Yin class.

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