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Hot Yoga at Hot Yoga Sheffield


Hot Yoga Sheffield offers a variety of classes, including Hot Hatha, Hot Vinyasa, Hot Yin and Beginners. Check out the descriptions below to find one that sounds right for you.

You can either book online to reserve a place, or simply show up 20-30 minutes before to get a walk-in spot. If you've booked online, then make sure to arrive at least 10 minutes before class starts to claim your place, or it may be given to someone waiting. 

@ HYS Commonside
Class size: 18 max
Pre-book: 14 online
Walk-in spots: 4 minimum

@ HYS Edgedale
Class size: 38 max
Pre-book: 30 online
Walk-in spots: 8 minimum

Hot Vinyasa

Room Temp: Hot
Best for: regulars and beginners who are already quite fit

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Go with the flow

This is a dynamic class that focuses on moving with the breath bringing fluidity back into the body. The poses aren't held for as long and greater emphasis is placed on the transitions between the poses. If you've done hot yoga before, this class is similar to other flowing styles such as Baptiste, Power or Vinyasa.

Hot Hatha

Room Temp: Hot
Best for: beginners and regulars

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Strong and steady
This class has static poses with longer holds designed to build strength, flexibility and a still mind. The poses are accessible to most people and there is sufficient recovery between poses. The focus is on alignment and embodying the fundamental principles of a yoga practice. If you've done hot yoga before, this class is similar to other static styles such as Bikram, Moksha and Absolute.

The 60 min class requires less stamina so beginners will find it easier and regulars will find energising.

Hot Yin

Room Temp: Hot
Best for: newbies, beginners and regulars

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Relax and renew
This class is softer and slower allowing you to unwind by letting stress and tension melt away. The poses are held for 2-5 minutes creating stillness in the body and mind. The focus is on internal sensations rather than external appearance and is quite meditative. 

Beginner - Dharma Basics

Room Temp: Warm
Best for: newbies, beginners and regulars who want a refresher

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Brush up on the basics
Refine your practice with fewer poses, more instruction and a slower pace. Whilst all our hot yoga classes are open to beginners, some people like to dip their toes in first and this is the class for that. Anne Marie will guide you through a sequence that sets you up for understanding the key poses in yoga so you feel confident attending a regular hot yoga class.

'It's my first class, which one should I start with?'

Many people aren't sure which class to start with, so here are a few suggestions to help you decide.

If you've done yoga before... then you'll only need to get used to the heat. Try a Hot Yoga or Hot Flow - 60 min until you build up your stamina.

If you are already physically fit... then you'll likely be able to do any class. Try a Hot Yin for something different to your regular training. 

If you are more than a bit nervous... then you'll gain confidence in the Beginner class. Try adding in other classes when you are more comfortable.

'What are the classes like?'

Each class is different because the poses and sequences vary depending on the teacher. However, most classes contain the same five components, these are…

Intention: to set a focus for the class
Breathing exercise: to prepare the body and calm the mind
Standing series: to warm up the body and focus the mind
Floor series: to open up the body and still the mind
Savasana: to allow the body and mind to rest completely

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