Inversion Immersion Workshop


This post comes from Chris Alleaume, an Australian yogi with a calm presence and a wicked handstand!


I have always loved inversions. To be able to invert, you need to have a certain amount of body awareness, and you need to be able to be fully present.


I still remember the first time I did a hand stand and managed to stay still - I got so excited that I fell out!


We can get so caught up in our own way of thinking or being, but inversions allow us to see life from a different perspective. 


They are also an incredible way to learn about yourself; in particular about your fears and how to face and overcome them. These learnings can then be translated into any aspect of your life.


Physically, inversions wake you up by helping blood get to your brain, and tonify your organs by strengthening the top sides.

Above all that - they're fun!


I'm really looking forward to facilitating the Inversion Immersion workshop this Saturday.


It's a workshop for everyone - even if you can’t handstand or headstand or forearm stand, there will still be opportunity to get upside down with the support of other people.