Inversion Immersion Workshop


This post comes from Chris Alleaume, an Australian yogi with a calm presence and a wicked handstand!


I have always loved inversions. To be able to invert, you need to have a certain amount of body awareness, and you need to be able to be fully present.


I still remember the first time I did a hand stand and managed to stay still - I got so excited that I fell out!


We can get so caught up in our own way of thinking or being, but inversions allow us to see life from a different perspective. 


They are also an incredible way to learn about yourself; in particular about your fears and how to face and overcome them. These learnings can then be translated into any aspect of your life.


Physically, inversions wake you up by helping blood get to your brain, and tonify your organs by strengthening the top sides.

Above all that - they're fun!


I'm really looking forward to facilitating the Inversion Immersion workshop this Saturday.


It's a workshop for everyone - even if you can’t handstand or headstand or forearm stand, there will still be opportunity to get upside down with the support of other people.

5 Reasons Hot Yoga Sheffield Can Help You Lose Weight and Get Healthy


5 Reasons Hot Yoga Sheffield


Can Help You Lose Weight and Get Healthy



Heat Helps Fat Loss


Your body burns more calories when you’re in the heat because it takes a lot of energy to maintain a normal body temperature, compared to when you’re in a cooler environment.


If you’re using your muscles in the heat too, as you will be at Hot Yoga Sheffield, you’re going to get very hot!  


Your body has to maintain its normal temperature, so when things start heating up it gets rid of the excess by sweating. Sweat comes from blood which has been pumped to the skin. The hotter you get the more blood your heart has to pump to your skin to cool down.


Your heart works harder in hotter temperatures, and this in turn increases the calories you use, and increases your fat burn.  


Apart from the heat you’ve all things yoga too, like the physical energy it takes to do the poses.





Building Muscle


By practising yoga regularly you’re going to build some nice muscle tone.


As you increase your muscle tone you increase the size of your calorie burning engine, which obviously helps with weight loss if you need it, or maintaining your ideal weight.


Increased muscle mass is fantastic for your overall health too as it gives you more energy and vibrancy, because it enhances your metabolism and literally makes you younger – in the biological sense.


But as well as the poses there are other things about yoga that sneak in the longer you go, like mindfulness.



Hot Yoga Sheffield Helps Your Health Mind-Set


Any practice of yoga encourages you to cultivate a bit of mindfulness, but you can’t really help doing this at Hot Yoga Sheffield because of the heat.


It’s funny seeing ‘stress heads’ turn up before class, and an hour later they look like the most chilled out person ever!


Exercising in the heat tends to focus your mind on what you’re doing right now. All crap of the day and worries about tomorrow drop away and your mind relaxes into the present moment, AKA mindfulness ☺


The more you practice yoga and enjoy this state of mind, the more you tend take it to life outside yoga. This state of mind really helps with health and weight loss because 90% of it is about controlling your own mind.


As you gain more and more control over your mind you can do those things you know you need to do to help yourself.


People going to Hot Yoga Sheffield are at least somewhere on the ‘good health spectrum’, which is another reason you’re in danger of getting healthier.





Led Astray By The Yogis


A lot of people’s health (and often their weight too) is influenced by the people they spend time with. The yoga crowd may be very different to you usual circle.


People at Hot Yoga Sheffield are likely to be really encouraging and supportive of you if you’re intending to improve your health and weight. Chances are they’re doing the same thing.


There's a kind of covert support for those who are taking responsibility for their own health and weight. This may be completely different to the interaction you have with friends and family, who aren’t always the best at helping you make changes.


In fact it’s the opposite isn’t it - at home, work or out with friends:

  • You’re encouraged to have pudding so someone else feels comfortable in having theirs, rather than greedy
  • You’re encouraged to have another class of wine
  • You might get criticised for getting all ‘boring’ because you’re not eating cake or getting plastered at the weekend

If you are interested in making more changes than just the yoga, there’s a wealth of expertise at Hot Yoga Sheffield.





Expertise and Knowledge

Anne Marie and Koreen have vast knowledge not only about yoga, but also health and plant-based nutrition. They’re both very generous with their knowledge and keen to share with those who are getting their act together.


As a doctor who’s massively interested in getting the body healthy without pills (which isn’t the healthiest thing to do most of the time) I know that making the shift towards more plant-based eating will help enormously with both weight loss, better health, and even reversal of some common disease and illness.


Hot Yoga Sheffield is the perfect storm for getting healthier, so be careful if you go – it might just creep up on you!


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To find out more about Dr Julie Coffey visit her weekly health blog



To book in for a free 30 minute health or weight loss chat - click here

Learning the Inner Game of Yoga

By Koreen Clements


Why did you come to your first hot yoga class? Had you heard someone else talking about it and was intrigued? Maybe you simply walked by the studio and had a brief thought, 'hmm, I wonder what's that like?'. Or maybe a friend brought you along to a class because it was something you just had to try.


For me I knew I needed to make changes in my life, but I didn't know how. After three years of doing nothing, I had put on some weight and was struggling to do up my jeans in the morning. I had read a story about a lady who had done a 60 day Bikram challenge and cried at the end of it. There was something in her story that called to me and said, you need this too. 


What got me through the studio door was the promise of losing a few pounds and feeling good in my body again. Having done several half-marathons and a half-Ironman, I was up for a good challenge and feeling cold a lot of the time, the heat sounded like an ideal way to be warm for a change.


And it was indeed a challenge - about halfway through the first class, I thought it possible that I just might die on that rented mat, a hot sweaty mess. Yet somehow I made it through and peeled myself off the mat and was hooked. Not only did I realise how out of sync with my body I was - stand on one leg for 1 minute, hold my arms at shoulder height for another - felt like the equivalent of climbing Mt Everest - but for the first time in years, whilst lying in savasana, I found a bit of peace in my head.


A pause in the mental chatter of all the reasons why I wasn't good enough. Why my marriage failed because I should have been smarter, prettier, thinner, neater, funnier, wealthier than I was. How I needed to write more papers, get more funding, do more research to be a better academic and deserve my fellowship. And just for a few minutes I got glimpses of something else - that I was enough as I was right then.

And over the months I went from hiding in the back row, not wanting to see my reflection in the mirror, to being in the front row, focused on my breath that the rest of the room could have disappeared for all I was aware of them. It was a gradual process of accepting myself as I was, of appreciating the body I had, rather than wanting it to be different, of acknowledging that even though I made mistakes, I was doing the best I could at the time and now, knowing differently, I could make new choices.


Don't get me wrong, it wasn't an easy transition. At the start I applied the same rigorous criteria to my yoga practice. Each day I researched and studied a different pose and how to do it right and practiced it in the class. I experimented with different breathing exercises to see what would help. I joined a Yoga Competition Crew and pushed myself through a regime of exercises designed to make my practice better. If only I could do yoga perfectly, then my life would be perfect too.


The Bikram world was ideal for Type A personalities and so it wasn't until I discovered Yin yoga that I truly found healing at a deeper level, although it was very much a love hate relationship at first. My shoulders and especially my hips did not want to do the poses. My brain would scream at me - you can't make me do this, I'm not going to, I hate you - yet under it all was sadness and the fear of being alone because I wasn't good enough. By constantly berating myself to shape myself into someone's ideal, then I could control my world and feel more secure.


After over a year of a regular hot yoga, yin yoga and meditation practice, I thought I had my life sorted. I was happy, I was content and felt on track. I was moving to England to get married and become a yoga teacher, but somewhere over the Snake Pass on the drive from the airport to Sheffield I descended into misery. I was desperate - to redo the house and began painting before the jet leg wore off - so I could control all the little things and not feel out of control by the big things of moving across the world, getting remarried, leaving academia. 


It wasn't until six weeks later that I discovered Ashtanga yoga, another strong regimented physical practice that got me out of my head and back into my body and the present moment again, that I could appreciate the good I had, acknowledge my fears, and accept that I was enough. That I could go with the flow and know deep down that all was well.    

During the Deepen Your Practice Yoga Day, I will take you through what I consider to be the key elements for each type of hot yoga we teach at HYS (Vinyasa, Hatha & Yin). You'll learn a physical and spiritual key for each style. You'll go beyond what does a pose look like, to how does it feel in your body and what is the effect you want it to have on your life.


It's taken me over eight years to get to this place and I would have loved for someone to have given me these keys when I was beginning my yoga journey because it would have helped to ease a lot of heartache along the way.


All my love,