The Gift of Mobility

by Jon Ashmore


I am a man in my early fifties, spent my life as an outdoor sports instructor until July 2016 when I became a first aid trainer. 

Over 30 years of physical activity constantly lifting, hauling, pushing pulling on a daily and constant basis together with injuries, fractures, wear and tear, overuse of joints and muscles has left my body in a state that could only be described as battered!

My back and neck particularly had very much reduced flexibility, this in turn was painful, ached constantly and felt stiff all the time. I had numerous physio sessions which did help and did free my back and neck but gradually they would return to their default position of rigidity and pain. Nothing had a lasting effect or gave a long term solution.

My sister had been going to hot yoga for some time and she bought me a months gift ticket around April / May. Well, I visited both yoga studios a number of times over the month. Not only was I made to feel very welcome by staff and members, which was lovely as  I am not of the racing whippet body shape but in each class tutors took the time to come round and help me personally with various poses, positions etc. Not once did I feel less than anyone else in the rooms. In fact it was noticeable how friendly everybody is, how people will speak to you and have time to offer advice help and just a chat sometimes. Lovely atmosphere.

But the thing that struck me most is that after only 3 or 4 sessions of Yin, my back and neck were more mobile than they have been for years. Unbelievable difference but thats not all. Due to work commitments I have not been to yoga for at least 8 weeks but my back and neck are still extremely mobile the difference is literally life changing.They are not regressing which is unheard of for me, I am pain free and mobile!

So thank you, for the warm welcome I received when I first arrived, for the care and attention the tutors give in all classes to all students and the gift of mobility in areas of my body I never thought would feel like they do ever again.

Absolutely fantastic. I hope to return soon once my work schedule settles down and involves less travelling.