Be the best beginner you can be

Today I saw the true value of going to class. Recently I recommitted back to my practise to develop as a student, rather than focusing all my energy on professional development as a teacher. As a person, I needed to myself going again, too much time in my head about MOGA and a couple of other health aspects, I needed to get back to basics and back to my heart, reconnect with my why for getting out of bed. I needed yoga in the same reasons why I started it in the first place.

Today I completed a class that was taught in the opposite style to how I teach and practise. A few weeks ago I would have really struggled through it, not physically but mentally. I would have been frustrated as hell - not a reflection on the teacher, it’s my projection. It is very yin to my yang. I often hear do the opposite of what you love, it’s what you need, which I think, if you're going to do some practise, do the stuff you enjoy first. There is clearly mileage to do the stuff you don't for sure, but if time is limited, its best doing something you enjoy than grinding out the stuff you don't, in my opinion and experience of course. We enjoy reading books that interest us, we are more likely to complete a book if we find it fun and engaging. I never finish books that don’t.

Today was a turning point and here's why. I changed my mindset for class, my why for going. I pulled out a couple of blocks and progressed through the class with the mindset as an absolute beginner physically to yoga, just saying still in the pose, operating at say 50% max of my physical limits. I ended up going so much further mentally. When I scaled it back, I felt my body more than ever, I relaxed more than I'd ever done in a class, and was more mindful about every inch that I moved by body. Huge increase in awareness and clarity to what is, huge decrease to my past and future thoughts which mattered not, but served to waste my energy and affect my class experience. After class I felt still, and because of that, boom, all these brilliant ideas and motivations ran into my mind. I really reconnected to who I am.

I have been to Hot Yoga Sheffield maybe 20 times out of the last 22-25 days. I have grown immeasurably as a student and by feeling what my students feel, I have grown as teacher. I feel a better person for it. I've even been to beginners classes as a student because I want to re-establish my basics from another perspective. Improving foundations means I'm less likely to sink right?

So thank you Anne Marie in particular (your class today was a game-changer for now). Rosie, Sarah and Koreen (your classes have been all very different on my mind and body but it’s given me so much engagement to explore and enjoy). You've all given me space to get back to basics and strip back my practise so I am doing the basics better than I've ever done.

MOGA is progressive program so I do not offer drop in classes. It is my belief committing to this path, gives the benefits which make the rest of the 100 hours off the mat, a better chance of being our best selves - calmer, more confident, creative, kinder, happier, mindful, patient etc etc. It is a bit of grind but it is absolutely worth the commitment, and the experience we have together in class, there is something beautiful and brilliant about human interaction. By putting ourselves first, we give so much more.

But some practise is easily better than none - you may just need a boost if the day, or week is getting heavy on the mind or the body needs to open back up.

So those that unfortunately not involved owing to their restrictions through work mainly, to commit to MOGA at present, get down to the brilliant drop in classes and feel the benefit of great teachings and the aspect of sweating those unwanted toxins. It's a brilliant combination. And those who are involved in my groups, get down and sample it, its only going to enhance your why for coming to MOGA. And if you're not involved with MOGA at all, just get down and try it out anyway. This is my highest recommendation, thank you Anne Marie and Co..

The right people will have read this and if it inspires just one of you to Hot Yoga Sheffield and/or strip back your practise, job done. And if not, I enjoyed writing it and give HOT YOGA SHEFFIELD the plug they deserve. Have a bloody mega weekend x