Inspired to teach yoga

Anne Marie Gordon, Yoga Teacher and Co-Director of Hot Yoga Sheffield (HYS) encourages you to make the 200hr Hot Yoga Teacher Training Course at HYS and in Bali the beginning of the rest of your life.

Back in 2010, I was living on Long Island, working at Whole Foods and working my way towards realising my life’s dreams. I would practice tai-chi in my grandmothers backyard and reaffirm to myself daily that connecting with nature and filling myself with a deep seated sense of peace and joy was the most important thing in life. I knew that I needed to make that experience part of my ‘career path,’ and that sharing that experience with others and teaching them to make that connection within themselves was what I was supposed to do - the only thing I didn’t know was, what job was that?! In university, writing essays about existence and analyzing the world of concepts taught me that even my professors didn’t really know how to guide me towards a path of fulfillment in my day to day life - that is a completely independent job.

At work, I started to meet brilliant minds that were opening my eyes every day to a lifestyle that eluded me for years. I found a local hot yoga studio that I had been practicing at for less than a year, where I opened my heart to yoga. I remember distinctly lying face down in a puddle of my own sweat, listening to mystical mantras sung by Deva Premal, and really feeling tapped into an energy way beyond the scope of my physical self. It was at that point that I realized that Yoga was the pathway toward realization, and a ‘career’ path to share that with others.

With barely a second thought, I signed up for the upcoming teacher training, and that’s where it all began! The next year of my life saw me complete the intensive training, get married and move to Sheffield - everything I could have wanted. From there, my daily practice has become strongly established, and I have gone on to compete two further teacher trainings.

When it comes to signing up for a 200hr teacher training, I like to remind students that this is the starting point. Whether it is for your own personal practice and development, or to gain the qualification to teach others, this the first step on the path to your future. I know from personal experience that just like any other program, you get what you give. When you have the desire to pursue Yoga as a path for personal development, you will be given the tools and the inspiration to follow the lead of your heart as well as your own needs and interests. As you grow your personal practice, the experiences you have will be the substance of who you become as a teacher, friend, or partner. The skills and information given in yoga teacher trainings is infinitely invaluable, and as time goes by, you will notice that you are naturally able to share the light you’ve developed with those who need it most, in a way that is true and authentic to you.

The upcoming 200hr teacher training led by Janine from Hot Yogi Australia will be an excellent time to receive the inspiration to get serious about the yoga path in your life. Janine has a wonderful background of experience not only well versed in Acro Yoga and moving mindfully through Embodied Flow, but also the wealth of self knowledge that comes from yoga philosophy and spiritually enlightening texts from ancient to modern times.

I am so pleased to be able to host this program that will also give students the tools to: teach safely in the heat with the Heat Safety Training lead by Koreen, as well as feel confident in learning how to assist other students physically through the Skill of Mindful Adjustments Training lead by Karen Russell, along with so many other skills that come from the program set out.

It is with a sincere wish that anyone considering a Hot Yoga teacher training that is comprehensive and well versed in all things yoga feel the urge to join us on this adventure. There are so many experienced and qualified yoga teachers that will be here to guide you on your journey towards your best and most liberated self. I will be here as your mentor and guide to ensure that this experience sets you on the course for bigger and better things, all manifested by you!

To knowing the light within yourself.

With love,

Anne Marie