Feel Energised and Pampered this Christmas

For anyone that has had the pleasure of talking to me in the studio will probably know how I feel about the Weleda body oil range– particularly the Birch anti cellulite oil in its beautiful green glass bottle. I have been known to purchase a new bottle, open it immediately and shove it under the nose of anyone standing close to me demanding they smell the beauty there and then!

Have you smelt it yet? Wow! It’s an absolutely beautiful assault on your senses – It’s fresh and deep and clean and invigorating. I have always loved a body oil as a way of moisturising my skin. My skin feels grateful as it sinks in and leaves its wonderful smell on my now youthful plump looking skin.

I put it on my face (for that dewy skin look – make-up goes on beautifully after by the way), I use it after the shower, I put in on before my yoga practice  so your sweat smells good! (no need to use soap in the shower after!), I use it after dry body brushing ( more on that later), I use it last thing as night on my neck and décolletage as a soothing smell to send me off to sleep. I use it on my children after swimming practice, I use it instead of a hand cream and I intend to buy a spritzer bottle and mix it with water and then spray it to my hearts content around my home/car and on my friends!

Anne Marie asked me one day if I had ever tried dry body brushing and then using the oil after. Dry body brushing is an ancient Ayurvedic practice. So I bought  a body brush from the studio and armed with my beautiful Birch oil I gave it a try.

You brush in long strokes towards the heart starting with the soles of your feet, legs, torso (circular movements here on the abdomen) and then back to long strokes on your sides, arms, shoulders and back. Afterwards you slather on your chosen body oil and feel amazing and energized (similar to how I feel after a yoga class). I brush for a few minutes maximum but if you have the time or inclination then you can brush for longer (between 2 and 20 minutes is the optimum time).

The brushing makes you feel relaxed and energized all at the same time and feel so good as my skin tingles and rushes from the brushes contact. The benefits of this ancient practice are aplenty. It can:
  • Stimulate Your Lymphatic System. In your body, your lymphatic system is the system responsible for eliminating cellular waste products.
  • Exfoliate your skin.
  • Increase Circulation.
  • Get rid of in-grown hairs.
  • Reduce Cellulite.
  • Offer stress Relief.
  • Improve Digestion and Kidney Function.
The Weleda oil range is organic and biodynamic (made  and produced completely in tune with nature) and when you see the price ( a third of the cost of any of the leading luxury beauty brands body oils) it’s even more impressive. Check out the whole range of oils available at the studio. Birch is my first love but I have tried Lavender and Pomegranate that are both just as good. I intend to purchase the Citrus oil next and then more Birch…..

I now dry body brush every morning before my shower and then use my Birch oil and I’m ready to go feeling energized and pampered. P.s. I think I may purchase a few for my friends for a luxurious Christmas present – who would not want the gift of youthful soft and nourished skin this Xmas?