Giving Thanks

By Anne Marie

While each day brings me moments to be thankful for, taking this time at thanksgiving is great to collect all of those gems and marvel at the collection. Life is so rich, no matter what may be going on, there is meaning in everything and it's important to reflect.

This year, I can truly say that I am thankful for my life here in Sheffield. With a job that enables me to develop myself creatively, and spiritually, and give what I can (and all I am) to others, I can't imagine existing in a world where this freedom would be denied. I am thankful for a deeply connected and loving relationship with my man Luke and our sweet feline child 'Baby K'. We have almost purchased our first house and I am delighted to know that we can make it our own with good old time and effort. I am thankful to have the integrity of a solid yoga practice and spiritual grounding in self awareness to know - that despite how the events of the world are unfolding, it is possible, and inevitable for things to change, and that we make a difference in this world every day, in each moment, in the way that we relate to ourselves and others. I am thankful for the values I hold for seeing things through, and trusting in life and the divine order of the universe. I trust in the stuff we're made of, and know that to hone in on our personal path for Truth, we can and will cultivate a life of pure majesty. If I didn't think this were true, I wouldn't have moved to England, studied yoga, married a beautiful soul, worked for what I believed in, and created a life of gratitude, wonder, and learning. With a community of beautiful people, fascinating ideas and imagery, what's not to be thankful for? Happy Thanksgiving.

By Koreen

My family growing up - where laughter and silliness was an everyday thing. My husband - whose steadiness and strength has been like a lighthouse guiding me home. Our four daughters - who are amazing young women finding their place in this world. My girls’ dad - who despite our differences has put the girls first and made parenting them a fun adventure. My son - who reminds me everyday of how to be present and live in the now. Our cosy home - we have all we need and a little more. A job I adore that doesn’t feel like work; colleagues who are a pleasure to work with and an amazing community of the best yoga students on the planet - attentive, dedicated, respectful, supportive and seriously good fun.