Hot Yoga makes life easier

Super motivated student Sally shares her experience of coming to Hot Yoga Sheffield. 

Why did you start coming to Hot Yoga Sheffield?

I'd been practising for about a year and I tried on hot class while on holiday in Edinburgh. I was hooked, I loved the heat and focus required.

I knew that there was a studio in Sheffield so I searched it out as soon as I was back.

I signed up for the New Starter Special as it sounded like an exceptional value for money offer and I thought I'd just do the month and go back to 'cold' yoga!

What were you struggling with at this time?

To be satisfied with who and what I am. To have the confidence to just be.

The eternal struggle that I think most humans have!

What was your first visit to the studio like?

Initially I found it a little intimidating as I had no idea what to expect, however the people that I spoke to were so friendly and welcoming.

I just nipped in one day to see what it was like and the person behind the desk, it was Koreen actually, explained the options available and what to expect. I joined with my daughter there and then but didn't do a class till the next day.

My first class was quite a shock to the system, I was fit and I had a regular yoga practice, but the first few classes were hard for me and I realised that I needed to make changes in myself for the classes to work for me. Also I needed to learn when to pause and not to worry that I wasn't keeping up. For me that was a hard thing to master.

Generally I think most of us are dehydrated but this is massively emphasised when working out in the heat. Also eating at the right points before the classes is crucial as energy is required but it's no good trying to practise with a full tummy!

I certainly am well hydrated now and this has made a massive difference to my skin and my appetite. I'd have never thought I'd manage a juice day and indeed to be able to work out on a juice day but yoga certainly shows you just how capable your body is.

What changes have you experienced in your life since starting hot yoga?

My asana practice has improved massively, the wide range of teachers ensures that a huge range of teacher styles and types of yoga asanas are covered.

I feel calmer and more settled in my practice rather than constantly striving to be the 'best', and I do believe that yoga also gives you the mental space to enable you to deal with and hopefully often resolve patterns and behaviours that don't always help you be the best person that you can be.

I feel a lot more in control and connected to my body rather than working my body to get fit I feel like I'm working with my body to be strong and healthy.

What keeps you coming back?

I love the classes and the teachers, the class timings fit around my evenings making it all quite easy to fit in.

I can feel my body needing to practice if I miss a few days and breathing techniques help with control and stress relief generally, all in all I think it becomes a wonderful life enhancing practice that only makes life easier.

What do you like about the HYS community?

The spirit and community that's been built around the members is lovely, everyone is warm and welcoming and there's a feeling of caring and love, which I guess is from regularly sharing energy in the classes, it's lovely to feel connected to so many wonderful people!

I feel that the studio gives back to the members and community making the studio feel more about the yoga and not like a distant and uncaring business that's just in it for the money.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about coming to the HYS?

Try it, wherever you are in your yoga practice, it even if this is your first yoga practice. The heat does put a different pressure and stress on the practice but I also think it helps my focus and stops my mind from wandering. So don't be hard on yourself, go at your own pace, stop if you need to stop and remember it's not a completion with anyone else on their mat. Your practice is your own. Oh and drink loads throughout the whole day, not just an hour before the class.