Our top tips for an awesome 30 Day Challenge

Whether you are planning on 30 classes in 30 days or setting a specific goal just for you, here are our top tips to help you get the most out of the HYS 30 Day Challenge!

Mix it up

Like to flow? Try Yin. Stick to 60 minutes? Go deeper in a 90 minute class. Increasing the number of classes you do is great but why not try and give yourself a different challenge.

Pick a pose

You are going to be spending more time in the studio than ever before so why not choose a pose and practice it after class. Maybe it’s working on holding your shoulder stand or building your forearm strength for Scorpion - you are always welcome to stay behind and have a play. Why not take a before and after picture so you can see how far you’ve come.

Nourish your body

With all this hot yoga practice, you need to make sure you get your nutrition and hydration on the money. For every class you take, you need to up your water intake. Don’t forget about Electrolytes - we now stock High Five tabs to make sure your balance of minerals stays just right. Not to mention our delicious juices bursting with vitamins and natural electrolytes, prepared on site by our wonderful Zoe. Available now at the studio and at your local wholefood co-op Beanies.


Listen to your body and rest when needed. Accept that you might need to change your plan and miss out a class. Maybe you can make it up or maybe not. But know that either way it doesn’t matter and doing what’s right for you and your body is the most important thing.

Soak it up or rub it in

Prevent injury and ease those aches and pains. Try our Magnesium bath soak or for a more acute treatment, try our Arnica range from Weleda.


Tell us how you are getting on. Click here to join the Hot Yoga Sheffield Facebook Group and share your hot yoga highs with some supportive faces.

Keep going

This month you have made yourself and your self care your number one priority. Imagine if every month was like this? How would that positively benefit you? Your friends? Your family? Your life? Maybe it can’t be as intense as it was this month but maybe it doesn’t have to be. How can you keep this going for October?