Student Story: Kit

Radio and TV producer Kit knows all about the struggle of juggling being a mum and having a career. A Hot Yoga Convert after just over 6 months, she feels less anxious, less stressed and has loads more energy. We met with her to find out about her first class, her first month and how she’s feeling now.

How would you describe your first visit to the studio?

A bit nerve-wracking at first! I’d read about everything on the website so I’d brought all the relevant stuff and felt about as prepared as I could be as I’d not done any yoga for 30 years or so and never Hot Yoga.

The class was great but I soon realised that I was never going to wear a t shirt to a Hot Flow class again! So sweaty! I found it really hard work but I actually loved that. Also I felt less self-conscious than I thought I would as the heat really makes you focus on what you’re doing. I just got into the poses as best I could really and that was fine. I was the oldest and probably the most inflexible person in the class but again, it really didn’t matter – everyone was at different levels of fitness and experience.

What benefits did you experience in your first month of coming to Hot Yoga Sheffield?

My neck and shoulders had been really uncomfortable and that improved massively even just after the first session. I was amazed at how different I felt in that area actually. I realised early on that I actually felt really energised after coming out of a yoga session. Not suddenly imbued with superpowers or anything, but much more alert and clear-headed. Happier, really.

How long was it before you noticed a difference?

Within a month or so I realised that I felt ‘different’ and was naturally disengaging from stuff that I realised was ‘jangling’ my head a bit. I lost interest in Facebook for a while which was novel for me!

I hadn’t started coming to yoga for anything more than hoping to improve my flexibility and hopefully get rid of some aches and pains as I entered my 50th year, but what was happening was that I actually felt much calmer and more able to deal with things. MUCH less anxious. My whole family noticed that!

What advice would you give to someone thinking about coming here?

Give it a go! Let go of all expectations of how ‘good’ or ‘bad’ or ‘well’ you’re going to do everything. It really is not about that at all. If you’re thinking about doing some yoga then sign up for the new starter special because it’s great value and it really does encourage you to keep at it for a month at least and I think you’ll be hooked! Even if you’re not, you’ll have dome some great exercise for a few weeks.

The heat does take a bit of getting used to but it’s not as bad as you think it’s going to be and everyone is a big sweaty mess at the end of it all anyway. Plus the heat really helps because you’re already warm, you’re not fighting a cold room to get your muscles warmed up. For someone as stiff as me, it does really make a difference.

What do you love about Hot Yoga?

I love that it’s something that I kind of had to ‘pluck up the courage’ to do, but that it’s become the thing that I do now. I love feeling better, both in my body and in my head. I love the fact that I find it quite hard in many ways but not too hard that it puts me off. I love feeling more energised after every class.

I love the people who run it. They believe in what they do and love it themselves and the different styles of classes are fascinating. I love the fact that it feels like they’re always looking to learn new things and move forward with their own yoga practice and teaching. It’s never boring and, when there’s time, they’re always really eager to talk about yoga and what it means and what it is.

After coming for a few months and getting to know people’s names and faces a bit, I feel like a part of it all, even though I still can’t quite touch my toes or do The Crow pose! It doesn’t matter, I’ll get there or I won’t but it’s the trying that’s great!