Magical Muscle Recovery - The Power of Magnesium

Better You

Are you experiencing tired, achy and sore muscles? Whether it’s from all the Hot Yoga you’ve been doing, plain old computer work, or a combination of exercise and stretching, it is incredibly common to go through bouts of soreness and physical tension.

Thankfully, there are natural remedies to help alleviate some of the strain and stress we put on our body through overuse and intense activity.  At Hot Yoga Sheffield, we use Better You Transdermal Magnesium supplements.  It’s our little secret to keeping calm, supple and getting good rest.

A local Sheffield brand with a product range that packs a punch, I don’t know where I’d be without a good bath soak, muscle spray, multivitamin sprays, and even the daily lotions and creams these guys make.  Writing this right now, I am reminded of the benefits my shoulders can get from a few sprays of Magnesium Oil – before practice, and after.

Besides the range of Multivitamin, Vitamin D, and B12 sprays that Better You provide for us (available at the studio from £7-12), here are the few that I like best and always feel better for keeping up with.

Magnesium Flakes - these bad boys are sold by the kilo for only £10! After long days, especially in the winter months, taking a bath with a solid pour of these is a must.  While the hot water loosens your muscles and lets you relax, the magnesium gets to work on a cellular level, making its way into the body through the skin. 

For a lovely home spa treatment, pour 500g flakes into the bath, then add a few drops of essential oils like Lavender and Cedarwood for relaxation, or Neroli and Geranium for an uplifting bath session.

Magnesium Sprays (£12.20) - these are a particularly good item to have in your yoga/gym bag, or at home.  They are the cure all for every muscle issue. They are my ‘go to’ for spot treatment of sore muscles.  After a hot yoga class, take a shower, dry off and spray and rub this onto the shoulders, hamstring area, knees, back, bum, whatever feels slightly tight or well worked.  As you feel the tingle of the magnesium molecules making their way in through the pores, remember:

1. You’ll sleep like a dream that night

2. Next day soreness is definitely nullified or minimized greatly

3. You’re helping to prevent cramping and fatigue by replacing essential mineral salts directly to where you need them! 

Magnesium Lotion and Body Butter (£9.95) - if you are looking for daily skin hydration for after class shower/ all over use, these offer the same benefits of the magnesium sprays in a lightly sweet scented moisturizing form.

The items mentioned here is just a glimpse of the great range Better You offer. Check them out at  We’ve tried everything from their Total Nutrition smoothie blend, Femergy capsules, Hair Skin & Nails supplement, to their brain energy B12 Boost.  We try to keep stock of the range best suited for Hot Yogis, yet know from experience that this company is worth their weight in high quality, vegan friendly, nutrition and health products.

Feel free to ask questions about what we have in stock.  We often have samples to try and I’ll be happy to point you to the product that suits your needs.

Happy Hot Yoga-ing, and soak up the Magnesium!

Very truly,

Anne Marie