Our First 30 Day Challenge


June saw the very first HYS 30 Day Challenge. We wanted to get you on your mat in a Hot Yoga class as many times as possible in this month. We enticed you with a sticker chart, knowing that you would feel healthier, happier, fitter and better for doing this and we guessed that you would probably reach out and support each other along the way.

But maybe, like me, you didn’t manage to take part in June. Don’t worry – We will be repeating the challenge in September. In the meantime, here is the story of one of our regulars Claire and her experience of taking 46 classes in one month.  

- How did you feel at the start?

​I was pretty excited and optimistic.  I've seen other hot yoga places do 30 day challenges and I always find it hard as I know I can't come every day, but with a little planning, I made more classes this month than in any other month

- What have you found hard or struggled with?

​Mostly being able to come.  However, it's kicked me up the bum to organise finding a babysitter and using my wider community.  I've been brave and asked for something I really want and I have been answered.  This has helped to open up more evening classes for me that I ordinarily can't come to. ​

- Have you had any insights on the mat that you would like to share?

​My focus has been really strong.  I find now that when I even just walk into the studio, I'm leaving the rest of the day behind. As soon as I'm in the room that is exactly where I am.  I'm there to give myself wellness, balance, strength and alignment. ​I have really noticed that my shoulders and hips are becoming more open and in general my posture is a lot better after being in class nearly every day.  I've also been meditating at home and practicing my headstand, so as well as more time dedicated to yoga at the studio, I am doing more at home too.

- How do you feel now?

​I honestly feel amazing.  Strong, firmer, happy, focused.  I really looked forward to each class and have enjoyed doing an evening flow or yoga class followed by a yin.  They complement each other really well. ​ Apart from stubbing my toe coming out of a handstand at home (!) I've felt no additional pain or injuries, just more muscle strength and openness in my body.

- What have you enjoyed about the challenge?

​Making more classes has made me feel so much better.  I've enjoyed the camaraderie as well as learning the names of other students. It’s been a real talking point in the studio and has made me feel even more a part of the community.

Oh, and the sticker chart!  I love those star stickers! :D

Any advice for those wanting to give it a try?

Just give it a try and see where you get to. You won’t regret it!