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Hot Yoga Sheffield Benefits


Hot yoga differs from regular yoga simply in that it is done in a heated room. This increases the intensity of the class making it appealing to people who wouldn’t otherwise consider themselves to be a yoga person.
Many Olympic and international athletes, such as Andy Murray, David Beckham and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, report that hot yoga has contributed to their continued success. And many singers, models and actresses, such as Lada Gaga, Olivia Palermo and Katie Holmes attribute their toned figure and healthy body to their hot yoga practice.

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Benefits students have noticed in their lives

We teach hot yoga because we’ve seen the improvement it makes in our lives. Can you imagine what a difference it would make in yours?

“One of the very first things to happen was having a toned, lean defined body. I’ve noticed being more serene and peaceful in general. I’ve not yet conquered my anxiety, but I feel less attached to the little everyday issues.”  – Ana, Sheffield

“I feel more at peace. Feel more calm. More toned. Great stress relief” – Amy, Sheffield

“I’ve become more flexible and notice less tension, especially in areas I didn’t realise I carried tension. I feel calmer and have learnt mediation techniques to help when feeling stressed.” – A.C., Sheffield

“I definitely feel more relaxed. Lovely atmosphere, nice people.” – Emily, Sheffield

“I’m happier! I feel calmer and more connected. I love post-class glow and contentment -now working on holding that between classes… Starting to feel more tone in the muscles, particularly in the legs. Feeling of being able to move more freely. More aware of specific areas of tightness and tension rather than just feeling generally restricted.” – M. J., Sheffield

“Euphoric after class! Amazing! Stronger and longer, no aches the day after.” – Karin, Calver

“I am definitely more flexible and more toned throughout my body and this is only after 1 month of hot yoga! I’ve noticed after doing hot yoga I’m much calmer and more relaxed within myself. I have the feeling of ‘happy’ inside me, which encourages me to enjoy andappreciate life more. And I’ve found in each class I have connected really well.” – Gemma Fairweather

“My head is less clouded and hazy. I’m more calm and relaxed. Much more flexible.” – Leanne, Sheffield

“It’s been fantastic. It has taught me how to live in the present, how to experience and how to feel, emotionally and physically. I feel happier, more relaxed and more enthusiastic about life. I have got much better core and leg strength and posture, particularly upper back. I have also much improved my balance and control.” – Jenn, Sheffield

“Calm mind, flexibility improved a lot, much more relaxed.” – Sarah, Sheffield

“Before trying hot yoga I had thought that the heat would be distracting, but actually I’ve found it helps focus. I feel stronger and more stable in my legs which has helped recovery from injury.” – Kate, Sheffield

“I definitely feel more relaxed and calmer and more flexible. More able to deal with stressful situations.” – Sarah, Calver

“The 1.5 hr class is a sanctuary from the week whilst still being challenging for my body and mind. I have noticed that I am more balanced in the use of my body and that I am more flexible from my hips. I feel that I am much more aware of my body and the control required to encourage it’s movement and flexibility. I find that I am also more centred.” – Leigh, Calver

“Relaxing, sense of achievement, friendly teacher.” – May, Sheffield

“I feel able to cope with stress more and have a calmer mind. My hips and waist have reduced, skin toned and less stressed facially.” – Gail, Sheffield

“I didn’t think I was built for yoga. Working with Koreen has shown me that I can achieve so much more than I’d imagined, my flexibility has increased, my strength has increased and best of all, the muscular and joint pain I used to just live with has all but gone! And the Yoga Nidra is a Godsend, I teach meditation but with a busy schedule it’s hard to find time to practice my own… Thank you Koreen!” – Jo Jerodene 

“I’m more relaxed and can clear my mind more easily. Definitely more flexible and supple.Love the calm, relaxed atmosphere.” – Freyja, Sheffield

Some of the benefits of hot yoga that you’ll notice are increased…

  • flexibility – the muscles are warm which makes it easy to stretch deeply and safely
  • strength – repeated and sustained movements quickly build up muscle strength
  • balance – meaning you are less likely to fall over and injure yourself
  • focus – the practice of mindful concentration enables you to be more productive
  • relaxation – the ability to release tension reduces stress so that you are happier and healthier
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