Charlotte (Patch)

Charlotte (Patch) instructs the following:
  • Sacred Geometry Yoga
  • Sacred Geometry Vinyasa

    A dynamic combination of Vinyasa and Hatha yoga. An invigorating holistic flow focused on alignment, breathing and working with the natural folds of your body. 

    Sacred Geometry Vinyasa focuses on going back to the basics. And teaches you to discover a healing practice that sets strong foundations and explores the tools to unlock your bodies full potential.

    It allows you to connect your practice to your life in a practical way that will empower you to be more conscious and live in the present moment.

    There is a sacred map in your body and this workshop will teach you how to read it.

    Benefits of Sacred Geometry Vinyasa yoga

    • Variations for all levels
    • Complete workout
    • Functional flexibility
    • Create space in the body, develop a strong core and a healthy spine
    • Heal old injuries

    Workshop schedule 

    1. An introduction to Sacred Geometry Yoga.
    2. Pranayama breathing - setting the intention.
    3. 90-minute backbend focused Sacred Geometry class including:
    • Key asana breakdowns
    • The tools, foundations, and body mapping techniques, to unlock the bodies potential.
    • Learn to explore and use the natural folds of the body.
    • The volume of every posture is an ongoing exploration that requires technique, we will take time to explore. 
    • Hands-on adjustments and demonstrations.
       4. Questions and thoughts and a time to share.

    Price - £29.00 members receive a 10% discount. 

    Duration - 2.5 hours