Claire instructs the following:
  • Hot Hatha - 60 min
  • Room Temp: Hot

    Best for: beginners and regulars


    Strong and steady

    This class has static poses with longer holds designed to build strength, flexibility and a still mind. The poses are accessible to most people and there is sufficient recovery between poses. The focus is on alignment and embodying the fundamental principles of a yoga practice. If you've done hot yoga before, this class is similar to other static styles such as Bikram, Moksha and Absolute.


    The 60 min class requires less stamina so beginners will find it easier and regulars will find energising.

  • Hot Yin - 60 min
  • Room Temp: Hot

    Best for: newbies, beginners and regulars


    Relax and renew

    This class is softer and slower allowing you to unwind by letting stress and tension melt away. The poses are held for 2-5 minutes creating stillness in the body and mind. The focus is on internal sensations rather than external appearance and is quite meditative.