Yoga Alliance 200 hour certified, Hot Yoga, Aerial Yoga & Pregnancy Yoga 
When I was going through a difficult time living in Thailand in 2014, I was completely disconnected to my body and a yoga teacher friend invited me to her class.  After class, I knew that yoga was the only way to heal.
Yoga is a way of life, the physical side is a small part of it, to me it's what we do off the mat and how we live our lives and interact with all beings. It is compassion, acceptance, understanding and love to self and others.
I teach because I want to bring a safe space for people to heal, get to know their bodies, themselves and just be.
I want to help bring stillness to busy minds.  My classes can vary from being strong, powerful and fun, to slow and shanti.

Jasmin is currently not instructing any classes.