Yoga Teacher and Marketing assistant
Rosie is 200 hour Yoga Alliance certified and teaches Yin, Hatha and Vinyasa.
Rosie also helps in the marketing team, updating the website and keeping our social media buzzing and connected. 

"Rosie is such a great teacher and wow the energy in the room was insane!! LOVED it,  and although it was such a tough work out I hardly noticed as I was enjoying it so much."

Rosie instructs the following:
  • Hot Vinyasa - 60 min
  •  Room Temp: Hot

    Best for: regulars and beginners who are already quite fit


    Go with the flow
    This is a dynamic class that focuses on moving with the breath bringing fluidity back into the body. The poses aren't held for as long and greater emphasis is placed on the transitions between the poses. If you've done hot yoga before, this class is similar to other flowing styles such as Baptiste, Power or Ashtanga. 

  • Hot Hatha - 60 min
  • Room Temp: Hot

    Best for: beginners and regulars


    Strong and steady

    This class has static poses with longer holds designed to build strength, flexibility and a still mind. The poses are accessible to most people and there is sufficient recovery between poses. The focus is on alignment and embodying the fundamental principles of a yoga practice. If you've done hot yoga before, this class is similar to other static styles such as Bikram, Moksha and Absolute.


    The 60 min class requires less stamina so beginners will find it easier and regulars will find energising.

  • Hot Yin - 75 min
  • Room Temp: Hot

    Best for: newbies, beginners and regulars

    Relax and renew

    This class is softer and slower allowing you to unwind by letting stress and tension melt away. The poses are held for 2-5 minutes creating stillness in the body and mind. The focus is on internal sensations rather than external appearance and is quite meditative.


  • Beginner - 60 min
  • Room Temp: Warm

    Best for: newbies, beginners and regulars who want a refresher

    Brush up on the basics
    Refine your practice with fewer poses and more instruction. Each week, you'll learn about one of the key principles of yoga and how to apply them to a simple sequence of postures. If you've never done yoga before, then this is the class for you.

    You'll become more aware of how you breath and learn the calm steady breath used in yoga. You'll practice pairing movement with the breath and begin to allow the breath to guide your yoga practice.

    You'll learn how to become aware of how your body is positioned and general principles of how to bring it into better alignment so that you'll be able to apply them to any pose you encounter.

    You'll learn how to tune into the sensations in your body and use these as cues to help your practice. You'll find greater ease and strength within each pose and have fun playing your edges.