Hot Vinyasa - 90 min

This class is taught by:

Kirsten Kohn

Certification & Education…
BA in Psychology with Minor in Fine Arts from the University of Alberta – 2009
Moksha Yoga Teacher Training with Jessica Robertson and Ted Grand – 2009 (500 hrs)
Baptiste Power Yoga Teacher Training with Sean and Karen Conley – 2010 (100 hrs)
One Yoga Vinyasa Teacher Training, with Ryan Leier - 2011 (100 hrs)
Kids Yoga, with Rita Maltias – 2013 (45 hrs)
Yin Yoga, with Angie Ackerman – 2013 (10 hrs)

Favourite pose…
My favorite yoga pose is Vriksasana, Tree pose. Every time I meet this pose on my mat I feel grounded and balanced. My hands in Anjili Mudra, I lift my heart to my hands, drop my head to my heart and I let go.


Aspirational pose…
The pose I aspire to in my practice is Pincha Mayurasana, Forearm Stand. A lot of poses really connect me to something beyond words can describe, and some poses are just super rad! This pose has so many intricate muscle movements and each day, playing and changing with my focus I learn something new! Why? Because it’s a cool pose!


Favourite quote…
“I want to think again of dangerous and noble things. To be light and frolicsome. Improbable and beautiful and afraid of nothing as though I had wings.” – Mary Oliver Styling


Why I teach yoga…
Just as Michelangelo says “In every block of marble I see a statue as plain as though it stood before me, shaped and perfect in attitude and action. I have only to hew away the rough walls that imprison the lovely apparition to reveal it to the other eyes as mine see it.”. I feel that I too have managed to chip-away at only the surface of this life- only to reveal snippets of the immense capacity of beauty that each and everyone of us hold. Yoga is an ongoing, never ending process of change and requires patience. With that said, it too is an ongoing, never ending adventure that we only get to experience once! Yoga has enabled me to carry hope, optimism and positivity on my shoulders regardless the weather. As a teacher, I am constantly still learning and discovering. I am forever a student humbled by this amazing, infinite world hoping to stir curiosity in others.


Why I love hot yoga…
I initially found hot yoga when I discovered I had patella tendinitis in my knees through years of football. I was immediately addicted to the heat on my first practice! The heat allowed my body to warm and go deeper into poses than I would have ever thought possible. Through years of practice I have seen my own journey unfold and go beyond limits I had initially thought. Teaching now, I have been incredibly fortunate to witness the unfolding of individual’s practices. The heat allows us to keep focus on the process as we see progress.


Little known fact about me…
I have a white French Bulldog named Annie and she is the most adorable, cool, chill, spoiled thing in the world! She has the best Vinyassa in the morning… her upward dog is unreal! And her favorite pose is Savasana.

Anne Marie Gordon

Studio Director and Yoga Teacher
My interests in moving meditation practices began with Tai-Chi at 19. Since then, I’ve immersed myself in the study of self-realisation and yoga as a way to heal myself mentally and physically. These practices have made a remarkable difference in my life, and the experience continues to help me grow each day.


Growing up with a fast-paced, constant-driving, coffee-drinking, standard New York diet and lifestyle kept me frazzled and depressed. Finding the discipline of yoga was the perfect calling to bring energizing activity, compassionate thinking, and spiritual vitality back to my life.


In 2011, I completed my Hot Yoga training at Yoga Oasis, N.Y., moved to Sheffield with new goals and challenges, and began manifesting my ideal of studying with Sri Dharma Mittra.  
Now, I am grateful to have completed the 500hr Life of a Yogi training with him and the skilled teachers at the Dharma Yoga Center.  This training solidified my understanding of the practice, and continues to be the foundation on which I live my life.  
Every day, I continue to pursue my interests in yogic philosophy, nutritional vegan eating, being positively active, actively calm, and living according to the Yoga Sutras.


I’m excited to share the wisdom learned from various teachers and yoga styles to bring consciousness and gratitude everywhere.  


Certification & Education…
White Cloud Monastary Nei Gong – 2006
Study Abroad at University of Sheffield – 2006-2007
BA in English Literature from State University of New York – 2008
Yoga Oasis Teacher Training with Mary Grace – 2011 (200 hrs)
Adjustment Clinic with Abby Hoffman – 2013 (18 hrs)

Life of a Yogi Teacher Training with Sri Dharma Mittra - 2015 (500 hrs)

Rebecca Leam

Yoga teacher  

Rebecca is Yoga Alliance 200 hour certified and also trained in Hot Yoga, Sports Yoga, Rainbow Kids Yoga, and Teen Yoga. Rebecca teaches Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin. 


Rebecca is an expert in sports yoga and running- any sporting questions she's the one to ask! 


"I love Rebecca's classes. They are always interesting, inspiring and I leave feeling well worked and completely re-energised at the same time. I always feel nurtured and welcomed."

Raj Yogi

Yoga Teacher
Raj is Yoga Alliance 200 hour certified and teaches Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin.
"Raj is a great teacher. His classes are fun, friendly and challenging. He creates such a lovely, positive and safe environment. His classes are a joy to be part of."

Hilary Jones

Yoga teacher

Hilary is Yoga Alliance 200h qualified and also has trained in Kid's yoga and laughter Yoga. Hilary teaches Yin, Hatha and Vinyasa. 

"Hilary is an incredible teacher, her vinyasa's are strong, sweaty and so much fun, and her yin's are beautifully relaxed. Whatever the class, I come out feel totally awesome."

Charlotte Wightwick

Yoga Teacher 
Charlotte is 200 hours Yoga Alliance certified and teaches Yin, Hatha and Vinyasa.
"Charlotte is a brilliant teacher - I always enjoy her classes. Well thought out sequences - careful detailed explanations of each pose to improve practice, lovely calm voice."

Room Temp: Hot
Best for: regulars and beginners who are already quite fit

Go with the flow
This is a dynamic class that focuses on moving with the breath bringing fluidity back into the body. The poses aren't held for as long and greater emphasis is placed on the transitions between the poses. If you've done hot yoga before, this class is similar to other flowing styles such as Baptiste, Power or Ashtanga.

 The 90 min class requires a steady sustained effort that most people will find challenging.