Yoga 101: Breathing 60 min

This class is taught by:

Koreen Clements

Studio Director and yoga teacher 
In my previous life I was a neuroscientist. Whilst I enjoyed what I did, I was also highly stressed, anxious about keeping up, having difficulties sleeping and was wedging myself into my jeans. One morning when I was brushing my teeth, I looked in the mirror and saw a bingo wing (the soft flabby flesh of the upper arm) waving back at me. And I could see two future paths… the one that continued on if I did nothing, and the one I wanted. A couple days later I went to my first Bikram yoga class and never looked back. The excess weight melted off me within the first six weeks and even better I discovered that 90 minutes in a hot room was my panacea for the stress of academia.

In 2011, I moved to England, became a hot yoga teacher and started teaching in Sheffield. In 2012, I assisted at the Hot Yoga Doctor’s teacher training program and led the meditation component. My teaching centers around the values of alignment, acceptance and appreciation and I love to share theories and strategies for happy and healthy living from yoga, meditation, coaching and of course, science.


Over the years I’ve struggled – I’ve been angry, sad, frustrated, lonely, negative, and generally unhappy. And each time, I’ve found that yoga is the best tool to change my state and feel connected, tranquil and alive – now I’m here to help you find true peace and joy within yourself. I believe that yoga has the power to transform your life because it works on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – changing your body, your thoughts, your emotions and your actions so that you can create the life you want.


Certification & Education…
PhD in Behavioural Neuroscience from the University of Waterloo – 2006
Reconnective Healing Level 1 & 2 Training with Doug Devito – 2010
Hot Yoga Teacher Training with Gabrielle Raiz and Robert Scanlon – 2011 (200 hrs)
Hot Yoga Teacher Training with Gabrielle Raiz – 2012 (500 hrs)
Emotional Freedom Technique Level 1 Training with Frances Goodall – 2013
Certificate in Personal Performance Coaching from The Coaching Academy – 2013

Introductory Workshop in Rosen Method with Ingrid-Maria Nordgren and Annabelle Apsion - 2015

Grace Kaya


ADVANCED HATHA YOGA 300HR TEACHER TRAINING with Patricia White - YogaSpace Toronto, Canada 2013 (300hrs)
Including: Hands On Assists with Kathryn Beet, Yoga Philosophy with Hali Schwartz, Arm Balances & Inversions with Roger Yue, Yoga As Healing - Perspectives from Osteopathy with Marinella Nesso
PRENATAL YOGA TEACHER TRAINING with Sasha Padron - YogaSpace 2013 (30hrs)
FLOW YOGA TEACHER TRAINING with Bibi Hahn - YogaSpace 2013 (30hrs)
KIDS YOGA TEACHER TRAINING with Maalaa - Yoga Sanctuary 2012 (14hrs)
RESTORATIVE YOGA TEACHER TRAINING with Hali Schwartz YogaSpace 2011 (30hrs)
HATHA & VINYASA 200HR TEACHER TRAINING with Kathryn Beet, Patricia White & Hali Schwartz 2009 (200hrs)


SHIATSU INTRO CERTIFICATE - Shiatsu School of Canada 2012 (30hrs)


METAMORPHIC TECHNIQUE CERTIFICATE (Acupressure) - Toronto, Canada 2002 (10hrs)


VIPASSANA MEDITATION - an ongoing personal practice as well as regular 10 day silent meditation retreats


My favourite yoga pose is Sivasana. The moment when everything pauses and stillness takes over. The silence between the notes makes the music oh so beautiful.


My deepest aspiration is to develop the patience and skill to align my breath consciously with clarity in my heart, mind and body regardless of how simple or physically challenging a pose may appear to be. All this while fine tuning into the activated energy currents of each asana, that is my truest goal.


a couple of my favs...

"Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on it's ability to climb a tree, it will spend it's whole life believing that it is stupid." - Albert Einstein

"This will also change" - Buddhist sentiment

"In my defencelessness my safety lies" - A Course In Miracles

“Around every corner is always something lovely” - my aunt Les


Yoga has brought such joy, peace, healing, calm and strength into my life; it feels a great gift to share it with others.


Because it feels so good to be warm! It's like getting a nice warm hug from a friend.

Two things: I simply adore snails! They're such peaceful, patient and powerful little creatures; And, before becoming a yoga instructor I had a 13yr career as an internationally touring hip hop dancer specialising in Liquid and Breaking.

Rachel Whaley

I have always been into contemporary dance and physical theatre. Particularly, contact
improvisation. I recognised from a young age the power of touch and physical manipulation of
pressure and movements off and on the body.

I have spent many years investigating the body through movement exploration (dance,
breathing techniques, Tai Chi, and physical theatre); through anatomy and healing/massage techniques
(stemming from my mothers use of holistic massage and reflexology).
It was clear to me at 23 after a short lived contemporary dance career that I would work in this
field. I knew it in my heart.

Initially getting further into yoga practice as rehabilitation for a back injury from dancing then
progressed to a path towards a yogic lifestyle.

I have slowly progressed towards Now. It has been a tough journey which I still feel new to in so
many ways.
I thought that I would know when it became the right time to begin to teach. Waiting patiently as a
yogi for the time to go forth on a path of giving and sharing with others.

So far, this journey has been a continuously enriching experience of sharing, delving, revealing,
understanding, connecting, learning, revelling, unravelling, glistening, embodying, all
encompassing, wonderful path of the joys of yoga.
The horizon beacons with a peaceful smile as I stand on the perfect landscape in gratitude.

Certification and Education...
BA in Dance Studies, Roehampton University, 2007
British Wheel of Yoga diploma (year one) 2009, London UK
Quantum yoga teacher training with Lara Baumann and Judith Daniels, 2015 (200hr), Goa, India
Hot Yoga conversion with Jozef Wiewel (30hr), Cambridge UK

Room Temp: Warm

Class size: 14 max

Pre-book: 10 online

Best for: newbies, beginners and regulars who want a refresher

Learn the fundamentals of yoga

Refine your practice with fewer poses and more instruction. You'll learn one of the key principles of yoga and how to apply them to a simple sequence of postures. If you've never done yoga before, then this is the class for you.

Specifically in this class, you'll become more aware of how you breath and learn the calm steady breath used in yoga. You'll practice pairing movement with the breath and begin to allow the breath to guide your yoga practice.