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Aerial Yoga at Hot Yoga Sheffield


Brand new to HYS and unique in Sheffield, Yoga Trapeze is a unique form of aerial inversion yoga. It is designed to improve core strength, functional upper body strength, balance and flexibility - all while having fun, playing in the air! All classes are cool, no heat here! 

Classes are limited to just 7 per class so make sure to book early to avoid missing out. As the class sizes are smaller than our regular classes, if the class is fully booked, you will have the option of joining the wait list. If and when a spot becomes available, you will be automatically added to the class and sent an email confirming your spot. All of our Aerial Yoga classes will take place in the Dharma Room at our Edgedale Studio.

Our Aerial Yoga specialist teacher is Ashlee Male, who joins us after completing her training in Barcelona with YogaBody.

Aerial Yoga Basics

Aerial Yoga Basics is on Tuesdays at 5.30pm.

This class includes strength, flexibility, coordination and balance work. It's fun, varied and  will give you all the basics of aerial yoga movement. A great place to start! 

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Aerial Yoga Flexibility

Aerial Yoga Flexibility is on Thursdays at 5.30pm.

This class focuses particularly on using the trapeze to develop flexibility and let gravity help the body expand and find space. Expect to feel floaty and relaxed as well as challenged! 

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Aerial Yoga Arms and Core 

Aerial Yoga Arms and Core is on Fridays at 6.30am.

Time to sweat and work hard! This is a strong, fun class that uses the trapeze to develop functional strength which will support your wider yoga practice and support wider body conditioning. Expect to feel the burn! 

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Aerial Yoga Intermediate

Aerial Yoga Intermediate is on Wednesdays at 6.30am.

This class requires strength, flexibility, coordination and balance work. A great way to challenge yourself.  

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Am I strong enough?

All the classes are multi-level and will work on building strength, so no worries at all if you feel worried about this aspect of aerial yoga! There are modifications and alternatives to help you reach the stronger versions of the pose.  

Will I feel sick?

Some new starters experience mild nausea or feel dizzy when upside-down but it soon eases. Avoid eating or drinking caffeine directly before class to prevent side-effects. 

Can I rest if its too hard?

Of course! Listen to your own body and take it at your own pace! 

How strong is the trapeze?

The trapeze is tested to hold up to 300 lbs. 

Is it safe? 

Ashlee is fully qualified and very experienced in aerial yoga and will be there to keep you safe. As with all yoga, listen to your own body and take rest when you need. Listen to the teacher, and if you are confused, unsure, or something doesn't feel right, don't be afraid to ask! 

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