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Aerial Yoga at Hot Yoga Sheffield


Brand new to HYS and unique in Sheffield, Aerial Yoga is a unique form of yoga using a fabric sling as a versatile prop. It is designed to improve core strength, functional upper body strength, balance and flexibility - all while having fun, playing in the air! All classes are cool, no heat here! 

Classes are limited to 10 per class so make sure to book early to avoid missing out. There are 8 pre-booked spots and 2 walk-ins. So if it's fully pre-booked, then show up early to get a walk-in spot. All of our Aerial Yoga classes are held in the Dharma Room at our Edgedale Studio.

Our Aerial Yoga teachers are Jasmin Chew and Koreen Clements.


Aerial Yoga Beginners


Aerial Yoga Beginners is on Sundays at 9.30am.

The perfect class if you are new to Aerial yoga, have taken less than three Aerial yoga classes or just love a slower more guided class.

The focus is on the basics of using the yoga trapeze to take your strength and flexibility to new levels.

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Aerial All Levels 


Sessions can have a varied focus depending on the day, it may focus on arms and core, flexibility or inversions. 

This is a fun class suitable for all levels. If you are new, you'll get more support and guidance, if you've been coming for awhile, you'll get a bit of time to play with your poses. 

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Will I be strong enough?

All the classes are multi-level and will work on building strength, so no worries at all if you feel worried about this aspect of aerial yoga! There are modifications and alternatives to help you reach the stronger versions of the pose.  

What if I feel sick?

Some new starters experience mild nausea or feel dizzy when upside-down, but it soon eases. Avoid eating or drinking caffeine directly before class to prevent side-effects. Listen to your body and take rest when you need. Listen to the teacher, and if you are confused, unsure, or something doesn't feel right, ask for help.

How strong is the trapeze?

The trapeze is tested to hold up to 300 lbs. 

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