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Hot Yoga Sheffield

Hot Yoga Sheffield is a hot yoga studio located in Crookesmoor on Commonside in Sheffield. Close to the universities, the hospitals and the city centre. Click here for directions.

So 'What is Hot Yoga?', you say.

Simply, Hot Yoga is just regular yoga done in a hot room (30-40ºC). This means you'll sweat. A lot. Probably more than you thought possible.

And 'Why would I want to do that?', you ask.

Well, the heat is great because you warm up quickly, this relaxes your muscles so you can move deeper into postures and become more flexible. But even so, we won't ask you to put your legs behind your head.

The heat also forces you to focus on the present moment ('Wow, it's really hot in here!'). You'll learn a meditative breathing technique, which will keep you cool, quiet your mind and relieve stress.  

You are invited on an adventure.

To transform your life from chaos to calm, from anxiety to ahimsa, from depression to downward facing dog.

We have: